This web service provides the ability to search large image databases (such as the Human Protein Atlas) for images with subcellular patterns similar to one or more query images provided by a user. Internally it uses the OMERO.searcher Local Client as described in B.H. Cho, I. Cao-Berg, J.A. Bakal, and R.F. Murphy (2012) OMERO.searcher: Content-based image search for microscope images. Nature Methods 9:633-634 [PDF Reprint].

The current version of this service permits searching only of a portion of the Human Protein Atlas, the confocal immunofluorescence images of A431 cells. Searching of additional databases such as the Cell Library and the RandTag collection will be available shortly.

Use CellSearcher

Development of OMERO.searcher and CellSearcher has been supported by a grant from the Wellcome Trust to the OME Consortium.

Bug reports and suggestions can be sent to searcher-comments@compbio.cmu.edu.